Laminated Flooring Installation Considerations

Laminated floors are floor coverings made from a composite medium that consists of several layers. Each layer has an important role, helping the floor to be more durable and withstand wear and tear. Laminated flooring is typically a multi-layered synthetic covering fused together with a hardening process called laminating. Laminated flooring simulates real wood with an authentic photographic authentic laminate layer beneath a clear protective coating. The upper core layer usually consists of melamine resin along with fiber board insulation materials. These two layers help the product resists moisture damage and are relatively impervious to scratches, spills, and heat.

In addition, laminate flooring has the added benefit of giving the floor a beautiful look while providing hard-wearing performance. Although it is a composite product, it is constructed with hard-wearing resins that resist damage from heat and moisture. Because the planks can be interlaced in the right way, these floors also have a tight, solid grain that looks like real wood. This, in combination with the durability of the composite layer used in the planks, results in a floor covering that can last for decades.

If you are concerned about the appearance of your floors, you do not need to worry because laminate flooring has a natural grain appearance that closely resembles wood. It has a realistic texture similar to particle board with small, fine grains that are visible when you look at the surface of the planks. In addition, because the product has a rigid outer core and because of the protective lamination layer, it resists scratches, spills, and heat. Because of these characteristics, a person standing on a laminated floor would have no problem sustaining injury if the floor is dropped or banged on.

Unlike real wood, there is no possibility of warping with use of laminate flooring. The wear layer in real wood is subject to constant weathering, making the boards susceptible to cracks. With laminate flooring, however, the wear layer sustains its strength and the boards’ surface remains smooth.

When deciding upon flooring, one important factor that must be considered is the warranty provided with the product. Many flooring company in Durham offer warranties to protect the consumer from product defects. When choosing laminate floors, it is a good idea to inquire about the manufacturer’s warranty. If the manufacturer offers a warranty, you should inquire about the length of the warranty. Be sure to purchase laminate floors that are backed by a full manufacturer’s warranty just like from . A simple formula for calculating the replacement value of a plank is: replacement cost divided by the warranty period.

There are numerous types of laminate flooring. Before installing the floor, you should select a board that best suits your floor needs. In addition to selecting a board that best suits your floor, you should also take the proper precautions to prevent damage to your floor. Installing laminate floors can be a relatively inexpensive project. Taking the proper precautions will help to ensure that you receive a quality finish and the durability that you require.